About Us

About the Green Car Company

The Green Car Company was founded in 2005 as the nation’s first alternative fuel dealership. The Green Car Company is dedicated to the sale and service of high efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles. The Green Car Company specializes in biodiesel vehicles, electric vehicles, and European imported Smart Cars.

About the European Smart Car:

The Smart Car is made by Mercedes Benz and first started selling in Europe in 1998. There were two versions available – gas and diesel. Many Americans wanted the Smart Car but there were no signs that Mercedes was going to import it to the U.S. The Green Car company along with a registered importer, imported and sold over 350 European Smart cars with the Mercedes Benz 3 cylinder gasoline engine. This engine was pared with a 6 speed tiptronic automatic transmission. These amazing little cars get 50mpg! Unfortunately, no diesel Smart cars were allowed to be imported. The Mercedes Smart Cars were converted to U.S. DOT and EPA standards and are legal to drive in all 50 states. In 2008, Mercedes decided to sell Smart Cars in the U.S. but they completely redesigned the vehicle and made it inferior to the European Smart Car. The. U.S. Smart Car has a Mitsubishi, 3 cylinder non turbo engine with a 5 speed auto transmission. The body of the American Smart is also larger and completely redesigned inside.