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This 2005 Mercedes Smart has the automatic 6 speed transmission with the manual shifting option. It also has power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry, security immobilizer, air condition, traction control, ABS, airbags, and the clear glass panoramic roof. The clear glass roof is a really cool and unique feature especially in the dark and dreary northwest. :-) It has been inspected and certified by our Smart Car techs. Turbocharged Mercedes-Benz engine with 6-speed auto/manual transmission gets over 45 miles per gallon! Upgraded to U.S. safety standards with side-impact protection and dual airbags. This is a gasoline Smart Car and should be fueled with premium fuel for maximum fuel economy and performance. These European Smart Cars were directly imported from Europe in 2005 and 2006. There were about 1000 Smart Cars imported so this is a very rare vehicle. It has passed all EPA and DOT inspections and is a fully legal U.S. car. This car has a clean and clear Washington state title and can be titled in any other state as well.

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Technical Info


Smart fortwo Technical Info

Length: 8 2.5 Width: 4 11.5 Height: 5 Weight: 1588 lbs Tank Capacity: 8.7 gallons Uses Premium unleaded gasoline 60 HP, Three-cylinders Rear Mounted Turbo Power Engine

The Smart fortwo Colors

The Smart has a removable panel system that allows you to change the color of the car very easily. A unique feature to say the least, they are the first body components of their type to go into serial production.

The tridion frame is powder coated in either Silver or Black, both of which compliment the various panel choices nicely. In addition, with custom fantasy color paint, the worlds color wheel is at your disposal! The sky is the limit!

Standard Exterior Colors: Black White Interior Colors: Gray Cloth Orange Cloth Black Leather Custom/Other Body Panel Color: Silver Blue Gray Black Custom Exterior Colors: Porsche Red Lamborghini Green British Racing Green Lamborghini Purple Audi TT Papaya Orange Bright Yellow Custom/Other (The skys the limit!)

Smart fortwo Design

The original concept for the Smart car was devised in the early 90s as collaborative effort between Mercedes-Benz and the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch who were known for their array of colorful pop art designs. In 1997 the Smart fortwo debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). From its introduction, the Smart received acclaim as a clever and trend setting solution in the automotive sector, environmentally friendly and one of the safest micro cars in the world to drive.

Smart fortwo Features

The Smart fortwo is packed with features. The fortwo proves that something small can be incredibly smart.

Features: Performance Handling Spacious Interior for Two SMART-Safe Construction Automatic Transmission Up to 85 mph speed 50 miles per gallon! Anti-lock braking (ABS) Rack & Pinion Steering Alloy Wheels Smart radio/cd player Air conditioning Power windows Power door locks Power steering

Smart fortwo Options

The Smart fortwo has many available options. You decide how smart your fortwo will be!

Options: Convertible Top Premium Cd Player with Ipod jack and satellite radio ready Navigation Blue tooth Leather Tow Package Cupholders Dual Cupholders Under the seat drawer Car Cover Bike/Ski Rack Clear Glasstop or Sunroof


Smart fortwo Safety Features

The issue of safety is a critical element. That’s why the core design philosophy of the smart fortwo is focused on something called the tridion safety cell. Much like a nut is protected by its hard outside shell, the smart for twos occupants are protected by a steel housing that combines longitudinal and transverse members that transmit impact forces over a large area of the car. So it’s not about the amount of steel between you and the truck that hits you – it’s about how that impact is controlled and dissipated. That’s what the tridion safety cell is all about.

Driver and Passenger Airbags Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) Tridion Hemispherical, steel safety shell Anti-Lock Braking System Reinforced Construction Raised Seat Position for Enhanced Visibility Remote Central Locking Skid Control